Our Staff

Bugabira School is staffed by young and committed individuals who are working hard to give students the academic skills, values and practical knowledge for healthy and prosperous lives

Kigozi Moses – Bugabira School Director

After completing university, Moses served on the board of MADNASO (Masaka District Network of Civil Society Organizations) before realizing that more direct, grassroots action was needed to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic devastating the Masaka District. He established, and now directs, CHEDRA in order to offer quality Prevention, Care and Treatment services for individuals infected by HIV/AIDS. Bugabira School was founded to complement CHEDRA’s goal of achieving a “healthy and prosperous” community.

Kizza Rebecca – Bugabira School Head Teacher

After working as a teacher in Kampala for many years, Rebecca was attracted to the opportunity to work in a more rural area of Uganda. She was interested in the challenge posed by the position of Head Teacher at Bugabira School and is now committed to extending educational opportunities to some of the neediest children in Masaka.

Staff Profiles