Welcome to Bugabira Day and Boarding Primary School

Bugabira School is a mixed, day and boarding primary school in Masaka, Uganda.The school was opened in February 2012 by the Community Health, Empowerment, Development and Relief Agency (CHEDRA) after a regional needs assessment revealed that many children in the surrounding areas have no access to affordable education. Bugabira and the surrounding areas of Kyali and Kyalguo, are amongst the poorest in the Masaka District and are home to many families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Many children are either orphans or living with an incapacitated guardian who is unable to provide for their basic needs.Bugabira School receives no government support but charges only minimum fees in order to make quality education accessible to these children.

Bugabira School is committed to giving children the skills and knowledge to solve current and future problems. The vision is to foster a new generation of empowered and community-minded individuals.

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One Response to Welcome to Bugabira Day and Boarding Primary School

  1. This is just a wonderful project to the community and to the whole country at large.I do believe if this country can have 1000 people like you, we shall just be far in terms of development and every one will be in position to predict the future.My brother thank you so much for this initiative. may the God continue to guide and bless you as you plan to extend more similar projects even to other areas of Uganda. keep the spirit.

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